July 25, 2010

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Millennium Challenge Account (MCA-BF)

Location: Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
Last Date: August 15, 2010

Unité – Progrès – Justice

The Millennium Challenge Account (MCA-BF) is seeking international or national applicants for the recruitment of one (01) highly qualified expert for the Coordination Unit of the Program.

The Millennium Challenge Account-Burkina Faso (MCA-BF), a fund established under the authority of the Prime Minister, Head of Government and responsible for carrying out the commitments of the Government through the development, implementation and monitoring of the Program planned by the Grant and Implementation Agreement, on the one hand, and on the other hand a grant agreement called the Millennium Challenge Compact (the Compact) entered into on July 14, 2008 by the Government of Burkina Faso and the Government of the United States of America acting through the “Millennium Challenge Corporation” (MCC). The MCA-BF staff consists of experts in various fields for a professional management of the Program.

Highly qualified applicants are sought for the following position: Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

For the positions, the contract term is one (1) year, renewable on the basis of an annual performance evaluation, for a total period not exceeding four (04) years. The probation period is three (03) months and may be renewed once. The duty station is Ouagadougou, with potential field travels.

1) Key Tasks and Responsibilities

Overall Responsabilités:

The Director of Finance and Administration is the primary financial, operational and administrative officer of the $480 million MCA-Burkina Faso program. The Director is responsible for ensuring that human resources, operations, information technology and financial functions support the timely and effective implementation of the programs' technical scopes of work. With the Project Directors, s/he ensures that resources are allocated and used in compliance with contractual requirements, applicable regulations, and appropriate standards and procedures. The Director of Finance and Administration plays a representational role with partners and stakeholders as well as with clients and suppliers in relations to areas under his/her direction. In concert with the Project Director s/he liaises with contractors, local partners, MCC Resident Country Mission and with MCC Fiscal Accountability Technical Lead for Burkina Faso regarding any aspects of project implementation related to finance and operations. He or she establishes and adheres to MCA-BF’s Fiscal Accountability standards in all activities and is responsible for raising the awareness of staff regarding fiscal integrity regulations. S/he is also responsible for management of the Human Resources function of MCA-BF, including employee relations, recruitment, benefits, orientation, policies and regulations and administration of personnel systems in accordance with established project policies and procedures. S/he ensures compliance with employment laws and MCC guidance, and coordinates the performance planning and review process throughout MCA-BF. S/he is the focal point of leadership for all administrative operations including management of the motor pool, secretarial pool, facilities and inventory. Additionally, s/he is the primary responsible Director for the support and management of physical resources and logistical functions as it relates to Administrative management including but not limited to the following areas: logistics, inventory, property (equipment and supplies), physical facilities, travel and transport and motor pool. S/he leads and directs the Finance and Administration team.

2) Specific tasks:

General Management

· Supervise Finance and Administrative team of approximately 15 ~ 20 staff and ensure adequate supervisor-supervisee relationship which support professional development and mentoring and address problems in a timely manner across the organization. Supervisory responsibilities include but are not limited to: meeting with supervisees on a regular basis to discuss issues, track work progress, provide guidance and support, and ensure consistent quality of work performed; conducting performance plans and reviews; communicating, implementing and assuring adherence to policies, guidelines and values; developing staff skills and knowledge; approving timesheets; and facilitating supervisee success whenever possible.

· Represent and communicate all aspects of Administration and Finance to the MCA-Burkina Faso Board of Directors, Burkinabé public, Program partners, MCC, donor community, civil society, private sector, and others.

· Publish periodic administrative / financial reports, as required by the Compact and Supplemental Agreements.

· Establish and review internal controls, using policy guidelines and generally accepted accounting standards, for the prevention of waste, fraud and mismanagement.

· Adapt and update any appropriate MCA-BF guidance and manual, including materials and resources to facilitate contractor and implementing entity compliance with the terms of their contracts and agreements.

· Collaborate on a continual basis with MCC Fiscal Accountability Technical leader for technical advice and counsel.


· Manage the day-to-day financial operations of the $480 million Compact and provide a full range of financial services including development of budgets and financial plans, monitoring of commitments and disbursements, preparation and audit of payments, coordination of administration of payroll plans, salary and allowance payments, and disbursement of funds;

· Support senior management in program decision-making and planning by analyzing financial aspects of various programs so that managers can determine the best use of resources.

· Manage compilations and coordination of quarterly disbursement request to MCC in coordination with Project Directors in compliance with MCC guidance providing all necessary financials and schedules.

· With the Project Directors, approve all invoices and payment requests as per defined contracts and payment schedules, and maintain tracking and documentation systems that will facilitate future processing, payment and audit requirements and disbursement request submissions.

· Assist project teams with their respective budgets and the Project Director in consolidating budgets and in containing expenditures within parameters.

· Develop mechanisms for making payments and monitoring/reporting financial performance, in accordance with MCC and MCA guidelines and those established in the contracts.

· Work with both internal and external auditors to facilitate the audit process and coordinate responses to audit requests from MCC and various entities as required.

· Ensure that any deficiencies found during internal or external audits are addressed through a remediation plan

· Assist in assuring that financial management system records and reports meet MCA-BF needs for accurate, timely financial data and processing.

Human Resources

· Implement and maintain administrative HR systems which enable MCA-BF to operate efficiently and in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and contract terms.

· Update and/or develop individual office personnel manuals and other operational procedures as required, and advise management on conflict resolution or employee disciplinary issues within the field offices.

· Coordinate and ensure the effective functioning of the recruitment process. Assist in the identification of staffing needs, develop job descriptions. Coordinate new hire orientation which includes presentation of the MCA-BF's policies and procedures.

· Coordinate and facilitate the annual performance planning and review process for all staff. Establish and communicate evaluation dates, provide information to staff regarding the process, provide copies of forms and guidelines, and update staff records upon completion of the process.

Other operations

· Identify all activities involved in providing needed logistical support; provide for the requisition, purchase, storage, and issuance of all official supplies, services, and equipment.

· Manage, regulate, coordinate or inventory official supplies, equipment or other material. Provide oversight of physical property by conducting periodic inventories, maintaining repair cost analyses, disposing of excess property and identifying accountability for lost or stolen property.

· Responsible for scheduled maintenance and timely repair of equipment and vehicles.

· Work in conjunction with office building landlord on all facilities maintenance issues.

· Manage all travel and transportation activities for personnel, goods, supplies, and equipment; including scheduling motor vehicle operations, ticketing for official travelers on commercial air and advising travelers on internal and international travel policies.

· Manage all motor pool operations, including supervision of drivers, scheduling, maintenance and replacement of vehicles.

· Coordinate the custom clearance and tax exoneration of all goods purchased outside of Burkina Faso; help resolve international transport issues of said goods.

· Maintain rigorous operations are in place to ensure the proper receipt, rotation and control of program's materials (information technology equipment, supplies and other).

Information Technology

· Ensure IT operations are operating and security policies and procedures are in practice to prevent unintended compromise of confidential data or correspondence.

· Ensure that the telecommunications network equipment including modems, routers, switches, phones, PABX and satellite equipment are installed properly, fully operational and maintained in order to appropriately troubleshoot and restore outages within the network when necessary.

· Ensure that the information systems equipment including satellite equipment, computer equipment, UPS, server, and software are installed properly, fully operational and maintained daily in order to appropriately troubleshoot and restore outages within the network when necessary.

· Manage the IT Team so that assistance is provided to users of information management services, including training users in the use of new software applications and providing guidance/assistance with new or amended information technology;

· Perform other duties as assigned.

Reports: The individual selected for this contract must:

· Prepare the financial documents for the Quarterly Disbursement Reporting Package request to be submitted to MCC (the Detail Financial Plan (DFP), the Quarterly Financial Report (QFR), and the Disbursement Request (DR)

· Prepare a weekly status of funds or financial update report tracking to annual targets for disbursements and commitments to be submitted to the National Coordinator and used in the weekly Director’s Monday meeting.

· Submit the amended FAP (Fiscal Accountability Plan) to National Coordinator on a semi-annual basis who will submit to MCC for Non-Objection when necessary to align MCA procedures to MCC guidance and to operational parameters within Burkina Faso.

· Prepare action plan for corrective actions based on any audit findings requiring action or procedural adjustments.

· Upon completion of CIF Rollover, complete all necessary reports to closeout rollover.

· Prepare final report upon completion of implementation of human resources electronic systems in order to assess lessons learned and future recommendations for improvements.

· Prepare final report upon completion of annual employee performance cycles in order to assess lessons learned and future recommendations.

· Prepare final report upon full implementation of all IT equipment (communications and data) in order to assess lessons learned and future recommendations for procedural changes necessary or equipment modifications.

· Create a ‘communications’ plan to delineate internal communications flows, meeting schedules and other team management standards for the Financial and Administrative team modeling those already produced by the technical team.

· Modify and finalize internal and external presentations and communications materials to create standard base presentations on MCA-BF Financial and Administration structures and operations to be used for internal and external trainings and outreach activities.

· Submit final report upon completion of consultancy with summary of key milestones achieved, projection of key deliverables for permanent Director of Financial and Administration in the coming three months and recommendations for improvements in financial and administrative operations.

3) Qualification/Background

· Master's degree in Business Management (MBA) or in other areas relevant to management such as logistics, finances, project management or equivalent relevant experience required;

· Proven and demonstrated experience – more than ten (10) years preferred – in a senior administration / finance position for a project/enterprise with an annual budget of more than 25 million USD;

· Proven experience in developing and monitoring budgets and day-to-day financial management;

· Proven ability to negotiate large contracts in a national and international context;

· Proven experience in selecting and implementing an integrated financial/accounting management information system;

· Experience working with American and other foreign counterparts;

· Strong leadership, analytical and organizational skills; demonstrated by ability to work both independently and within a team (including external fiscal and procurement agents), assess priorities, and manage a variety of activities with attention to detail.

· Excellent cross-cultural communication and interpersonal skills demonstrated by ability to interact professionally with culturally and linguistically diverse staff, clients and consultants.

· Expert skills in Excel, Sun Systems or similar accounting software, as well as Word; comfortable in a Windows PC and Outlook environment.

· Oral and written fluency in French and English.

In addition, applicants must:

· Be of outstanding character and integrity.

· Be free of all conflicts of interest and committed to protecting the integrity of the program.

4) Position Requirements

- Be free from any conflict of interest and be committed to protecting the integrity of the Program;

- Good character and moral integrity;

- Good analytical, writing and synthesis skills;

- Spirit of initiative and thoroughness in file processing;

- Ability for teamwork and work with various groups of stakeholders;

- Good co-operation with external agents (Fiscal and Procurement Agents);

- Be able to work in a timely manner and under pressure;

- Agree to work out of regular working hours if need be;

- Have a good command of English.


To be shortlisted for the position, applicants must submit the following information:

1) A cover letter (two (2) pages maximum);

2) A curriculum vitae (CV) (five (5) pages maximum (apart from the publications when they are relevant) stating the schools attended, degrees obtained, professional experience in reverse chronological order, language and any other professional titles (or certification);

All evidence of the information contained in the CV should be produced (copies of diplomas, work and internship certificates, etc.). Candidates applying ONLINE should send the required documents in attachment.

3) Names and contact information (phone numbers and e-mail) of three (3) professional references. Please, clearly specify your connection with the reference (e.g. supervisor, colleague, other) and if the reference would prefer to be contacted in French or English.

4) Applications may be submitted either:

a) At the MCA-BF headquarters, BARACK OBAMA Building, 83 Avenue John KENNEDY-
01 P 6443 Ouagadougou 01

b) Or by e-mail at: info@mcaburkina.org or mcaburkina@mcaburkina.org (make sure you check the "Acknowledgment" option while sending your email)

5) The letter and CV should be submitted in French and in English .

6) Successful applicants will be contacted for an interview. No question and/or phone call will be accepted.

The National Coordinator
Bissiri Joseph SIRIMA

Commandeur de l’Ordre National

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